About Us

Founded from October 16, 2018, BeMoment Tour and Photography is part of the PT. Paris van java group. BeMoment provides comprehensive services to domestic and overseas groups and individuals. We specialize in making your travel day a special moment. You can enjoy your unique travel, adventure, culture and lifestyle different countries and we will wait next to you to capture your moment with a professional photographer

Our Vision

Help people make it a special moment to capture from the camera, not just the moment they traveled.

Become the most reliable and innovative travel company in the world.

It strengthens its position as a leading tourism company providing quality, creativity, innovation, competitiveness and socially responsible services in the region.

Our Mission

BeMoment Tour and Travel creates a unique travel experience that delivers more than you expect.

We tend to focus on our customers’ requirements for effective travel management when traveling. Our mission is to provide corporate travel solutions and become the largest travel agency in the world.

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Are you excited about Korea? Have you ever wonder to visit the country?
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Sawadee khap! Thailand is always ready to welcome you.
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West Europe

It's time to you to enjoy Europe like in the movies
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East Europe

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Not only you can see Sakura or Mount Fuji, but Japan also has kind and highly discipline people.
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Our beloved country is very beautiful, there's always interesting places to travel.
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Every time you travel, a unique story is always made. So we want to share your memory. We have cool stories, tricks and tips, and more that can inspire you. Let’s check!


We took a lot of pictures along the trip and would like to share some of the pictures for you. Do not forget that someday you will go there, and I will sneak a peak first.


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